Day Planning

Download Winter-Spring School Programme. pdf

Winter/Spring School: Medical Research: Law, Science & Technologies

6 teaching days:

Language: English and Italian

Collaborators (tutors promoting PBLs activities and other active learning  devices: York law School)

Mornings 9.00-12.) Two or three Papers:  1 International Expert, 1 Italian Expert 45 minutes each, roundtable assessing practicalities and adaptability of International Research in the Italian context – debate.

After lunch 14 -16 (3 papers of the young researchers) comments and discussion, guidance of international scholars on their research.

16-16.15 break

16.15 -17.45 A PBL Session on the theme of a day reporting next day on the previous session including some other forms of active learning tools



  1. Medical Dilemmas and Decision-Making in the Era of New Technologies – A Trade-off between Autonomy and Paternalism
  2. Public Health Systems: and Artificial Intelligence: Legal Traps between Autonomy and Medical Liability
  3. Car-T Cell Therapy and the New Rights
  4. OK Google, am I sick? Artificial intelligence and e-health
  5. AI, Intellectual Property, Patentability
  6. Alternative Medicine, Natural Remedies and the Law confronted with Technological Progress


Morning: traditional lecture of two exceptionally 3 scholars and the debate (roundtable).

Afternoon: participants’ active learning.

Young researchers’ short papers (guidance and comments from the experts in the field).

PBL activities offered in English and Italian.